Stephen Ring is a Professional Artist and Photographer and is embarking on a selection of photographic tours and workshops of the local area.

North Devon boasts a combination of stunning and spectacular landscapes with 171 sq km of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty .Its dramatic, rugged coastline embraces awe-inspiring cliffs; hidden coves and golden beaches all sprinkled with areas of wild moorland; glistening river valleys and lush rolling pastures. Making this the ideal destination for photography. Our photography courses enable you to share our passion for this wonderful landscape and gives the opportunity to add new images and inspiration to your portfolios and your personal direction.

The workshops are for people of all abilities and experience and gives the opportunity to improve your portfolio, seek the help and advice of a professional photographer, as well as developing individual skills, seeking your own vision and above all having some fun!

The workshops will be restricted to 4 people to enable more individual attention and advice if needed. They will run for 4 hours after sunrise and 4 hours before sunset which will give you ample opportunity to make use of the best light of the day and then hopefully a spectacular sunrise or sunset. During this time I will be concentrating on compostion, focusing, the use of filters, lighting and using the camera in manuel mode. As well as tips and techniques relevant to the situation.


Whatever your requirements we aim to meet all our clients requests. We can adjust our courses to all levels of abilities and particular needs. It may be just that you want to find the best photographic opportunities to build up your portfolio or to take that one photograph that you would be happy to hang on your wall.

All these personal details will be asked on booking either by telephone on 01237 422910 or by email on

Workshop covers the following:-
  • Apertures and death of field
  • Best use of availble light
  • Composition
  • Hyperfocl focusing
  • Filters,ND,Graduated ND and Polariser
  • Long exposures in daylight and low light

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